Augmented Reality Development

At Jasoren, we develop augmented reality (AR) experiences tailored for niche business verticals.
We work with 3D modeling and 3D animation, facial recognition, and marker-based and markerless tracking.
Our AR apps run on a range of devices from iPhones and Android phones to HoloLens and smart glasses.


Augmented Reality software that we use includes open source libraries, proprietary toolkits, and content management systems. Our developers have sufficient experience with AR building software that is currently available on the market. Below are our core technologies:

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content- Realware



With Google and Apple launching their augmented reality SDKs, we see endless opportunities to apply AR technologies to meet business needs. Our developers possess sufficient skills to adapt the functionality contained in the development kits to the requirements of a particular AR app. The combination of professional expertise and powerful software is what it takes to build a unique highly effective augmented reality application.



ARKit brings augmented reality to Apple devices that support iOS 11. The platform’s powerful capabilities for positional tracking and scene comprehension open up a range of possibilities for developing consumer applications.



ARCore supports Android devices running Nougat 7.0 or higher. This AR platform uses environmental understanding, motion tracking, and light estimation to integrate virtual content with the real world.

Case study

We work with mature organizations that are focused on accelerating their business growth.
Products that we create for our clients help them achieve that goal.

Adopted use cases

We anticipate the massive adoption of augmented reality technology for the following use cases:


Our augmented reality solution Supporteo AR Assist gets maintenance to the next level. AR apps support remote maintenance of the equipment and enable experts to remotely advise maintenance engineers to fulfill their tasks. With the help of augmented reality, maintenance time and errors are reduced, it saves significant funds on the trips of high-level specialists, it involves only one qualified specialist to support a large number of maintenance engineers onsite.

Here you can find more detailed information.

content - AR remote maintenance


In logistics, AR opens new windows for business innovation.

Our AR warehouse solution Supporteo AR Picking for Rokid, Vuzix, and other glasses is designed to optimize multiple warehousing flows and processes – order picking, goods sorting and placement, inventory control, monitoring, and many others. By integrating augmented reality into your operation flows, you can optimize your staff performance, save costs and time, reduce loss/damage of the items, decrease the number of errors, improve picking up speed and keep your workers 100% satisfied.

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Augmented reality enriches the shopping experience and encourages customers to interact with brands more frequently. AR can be used for mixed commerce solutions in brick-and-mortar stores, as a form of interactive advertising, and for in-store navigation. It can even help customers try before they buy. And it has a huge potential to revolutionize warehouse and supply chain processes.

VR in Retail
Education AR


Integrating augmented reality in education makes learning interactive. AR captures students’ attention and results in better understanding of subject matter by recreating historical events, explaining physics concepts, or adding extra information about studied objects. Augmented reality apps with educational content can substitute expensive learning materials.

How we can help

Our services include performance optimized design, programming, and testing of AR software.

AR experiences for iOS and Android

Jasoren develops augmented reality application of any complexity. Augmented reality apps created by Jasoren are feature-rich and support realistic experiences, such as the ability to zoom and rotate the AR item.

Besides, we can combine AR with other advanced technologies to create even more fascinating user experience. For example, our developers can use both AR and face recognition technology in a beauty app to create the most natural appearances.

3D visualizations

Our 3D artists produce interactive 3D visualizations and 3D animations for various industries. The AR software developed by our agency gives realistic item images that can be easily manipulated to achieve the purpose of the app.

Our augmented reality apps can be created with the environment recognition feature detecting the points and surfaces in the real world. This way, AR items look most natural.

How we work

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