AR Solution from IKEA – Where to Place Your Christmas Tree

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

The Swedish company IKEA has developed a feature in the mobile application of the augmented reality called IKEA Place, with the help of which one can see where it is better to place a Christmas tree in the house.

Users of the application can choose one of four different styles of the Christmas tree and “try it on” anywhere in the house or outside, as the company’s representatives state.

All furniture and items are displayed on the screen through the camera in 3D format. Therefore, the image looks quite real.

IKEA’s mobile application with a new feature can be used by owners of Apple devices, which are updated to iOS 11. IKEA place works on the basis of ARKit that was introduced by Apple in September.

Scaling of objects occurs with the help of special software, which takes into account the real dimensions of surrounding objects. In addition, users will be able to see even the drop shadow from the 3D object of the interior.

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