AR and VR Models in the New Sketchfab Store

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Sketchfab is known as one of the sites for developers of 3D models. The site is used for their demonstration and distribution.

Today the company announced a new feature. It’s the Sketchfab Store. Now people can buy and sell assets for 3D projects, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR).

Until now, Sketchfab allowed users to browse the site and download models for free, and this feature still remains available. Only now the models’ developers will be able to add their work to the new Sketchfab store if they want to get money for it.

Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyl says that he sees an increasing demand for a store with 3D assets because VR and AR are getting more popular.

Free download was introduced in 2014, and today the company has more than 200,000 downloads every month. For three years 2.5 million downloads were made.

Sketchfab was created to help in distributing 3D content on any platform. “Our store is the natural evolution of the platform.”

Sketchfab includes 4000 models from more than 170 creators available for every imaginable 3D project from animation and VFX to video games, 3D printing, VR, and AR.

Users will have access to a browser based on a 3D player with an advanced “Model Inspector” (allowing each aspect to analyze in real time 3D models, including textures and topologies), helping them to buy exactly what they see.

In addition, since Sketchfab generates a compatible 3D format with each download, the purchased files are displayed sequentially in many different target applications.

Sketchfab is continually expanding support for VR and AR.

In recent months, the service has announced support for ARKit by Apple, and then in November done the same for Android devices.

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