Airbnb Will Introduce New Tools That Enhance User-Experience

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

Online site for finding and renting apartments Airbnb possibly will introduce something new.

The company dropped a hint – they are going to implement augmented and virtual reality technologies.

The article that appeared on Airbnb’s blog described the use of AR and VR by travelers with their own cases. It looks quite promising and ensures us that AR and VR technologies in the real estate market are becoming popular.

Airbnb talks about using augmented reality as a great experience for the user to get contextual information about an unfamiliar environment, translate different sings using a smartphone camera, and provide navigating functions.

Virtual reality, according to the blog, is useful for remote inspection of the house or apartment, both can be seen as spherical photographs, and in the form of three-dimensional models. These models will be obtained with the help of a three-dimensional scan.

The company declares that their team is already working on new tools of a new level of AR and VR immersion, but it is still an experimental thing. Airbnb started their advertising campaign with sterile PR, talking about technologies without a product.

Innovations at the wrong time can frighten investors and customers. Though the real estate market in recent years has shown a willingness to work with augmented and virtual reality content. Device and hardware manufacturers have already led the real estate market into the consumer sector with the new technologies.

Airbnb is likely to introduce functions that will increase the company’s public image with first massive AR and VR on the real estate market.

Perhaps, it is necessary to start implementing this kind of tools because consumers are ready to use them.

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