AI Chatbot vs Lawyer? AI Beats Top UK Lawyers

Valeriia Kyselova
Account Manager

Artificial intelligence chatbots are starting to control various job spheres like law. Among these chatbots – the CaseCruncher Alpha algorithm, the development of which was made by Cambridge students. The chatbot completed tasks regarding lawsuit more professional than the best UK lawyers.

CaseCruncher Alpha chatbot’s work stands on the advanced neural networks. CaseCruncher could not only make conversations about legal issues, it was upgraded that way, that it can predict the outcomes of currently lasting proceedings.

The Next Web has revealed the recent experiment. Well-known and professional lawyers of London and CaseCruncher AI chatbot were asked to complete the sole task – they got 775 controversial payments cases of insurance.

Then they had to compete and find out which legal issues financial ombudsman will handle and give a verdict, and which of them will not get even a verdict.

The result they finally got was shocking. While layers’ managed to get 66.3% right answers, the AI chatbot predicted the correct verdict in 86.6% of cases.

CaseCruncher Alpha chatbot is a great example that chatbots can simplify the working process, though it’s not a brand-new example.

It is known that any kind of person could bring a claim to a court with the help of a DoNotPay algorithm. The thing is – ordinary people who use the app don’t need to have any legal education or knowledge!

The following algorithm collects all required documents to file for divorce. And people will save up to 10,000$ because there’s no need to pay for legal services when they go to agencies.

Eventually, we’ve got a question – if this kind of AI algorithms could complete tasks better than qualified specialists and they are cheaper, should companies hire people or focus on chatbot development?

Future will show.

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