05 Apr 2017

5 Great Things Chatbots Can Do and What it Means for Your Business

Food chains such as Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut are successfully using chatbots to accept orders and talk to customers. Chatbot of beauty brand Sephora offers customers personalized beauty tips and recommends products. Uber’s customers can request rides without leaving Facebook Messenger. Chatbot named HealthTap connects people with real doctors on Facebook. The list could go on and on. So, what do bots do for business?

One chatbot can easily replace the whole call-center

In most call-centers, operators talk to customers following scripts and rules. Bots can do that, too. They can talk to customers, they can answer questions, they can find information on request, they can provide queue status updates, so and so forth. The benefit of chatbot customer support versus traditional call-center is that many customers (especially the millennials) prefer messenger chatting to phone talking. Give them an opportunity to talk to your customer service without leaving Facebook Messenger. They’ll probably like it.

In messengers, your business can find millions of potential customers

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are used by more than 1 billion people each on a regular basis. WeChat has more than 700 million users, Viber — more than 600 million, Kik Messenger — 300 million, and so on. For companies, it means that messengers provide access to huge customers’ base. Those are people who use messenger apps (this is true for FB Messenger) as a primary communication channel. They do not want to leave their messenger app. They want to place orders, talk to your customer support, get order updates, etc — all while staying in a messenger.

Bots can analyze huge amounts of data

And the benefit is they can do it much faster and more efficiently than human staff. Humans are smart but when it comes to gathering and analyzing data, chatbots are more reliable. Faster data analysis capabilities open new opportunities for businesses and marketing departments — the ones we could earlier only dream of. With machine intellect, management of customers’ information becomes easier and takes less time. For marketing departments, it means that customer retention, loyalty programs, checking data as well as many other routine operations take less time and can be conducted in a seamless way.

Bots are better than humans because they are not human

Bots are not emotional, bots do not need sick leaves, bots can be online 24/7 (and so does your customers support), bots don’t’ forget stuff, and bots do not make human mistakes. With a good chatbot, your customer support will become better, your customer relationship management will come to the new level, your marketing department will get lots of new opportunities, and many of your business operations will become more efficient.

Messenger chatbots can provide great customer experience

Many big and small brands have already been using chatbots. Hewlett-Packard created a bot that enables users to print documents directly from Facebook Messenger. Online fashion brand Fynd has introduced Fify, a fashion shopping botfriend. PennyCat chatbot searches for pizza, taxi, and other discounts. FitCircle Bot is an expert providing recommendations about nutrition and weight loss. Hyatt, a famous hotel chain, has a chatbot for customer support.  Bank of America is building a chatbot that will provide customers with access to account information. It seems that with chatbots businesses can provide the level of customer experience that was not even imaginable before. Don’t miss your chance!

Sasha Butenko

Sasha Butenko

I am a Business Development Manager at Jasoren company in Paris, France. I speak French, English and Russian.