10 Reasons Why a Chatbot Should Be Your Best Business Friend

Catherine Strohanova
Business Development Manager

There are 24 hours in a day. We can’t make it longer. However, what we can do is to increase our productivity to be able to accomplish more while working less. All use innovative technologies.

To complete all planned tasks, employees often do multiple things at the same time. However, multitasking negatively influences work efficiency since the human brain can focus on one task at a time to handle it properly.

Thus, to boost efficiency and productivity, many companies use instruments that allow them to focus on important and complex tasks while taking care of routine issues. These tools are applications for increasing productivity.

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A report published by Slash Data showed that the market for business and productivity apps was estimated at $58 billion as of 2016.

According to Accenture Mobility Research, 46% of enterprises use productivity apps. These solutions provide users with capabilities such as making notes, sending emails, scheduling, as well as creating to-do lists, reminders, spreadsheets, and even presentations.

Although, with artificial intelligence, companies can get even more efficacy in addition to other methods they use to increase their productivity.

How artificial intelligence can boost productivity

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A typical workday in any company consists of an endless flow of tasks that need completing. A significant part of all these tasks is routine and definitely can be automated to enable employees to concentrate on high-priority issues.

One of the key benefits of using AI in business is task automation. For instance, chatbots can optimize your business workflow by automating repetitive tasks like responding to customer requests or scheduling meetings.

According to Accenture’s report, by 2035, AI will increase labor productivity by 35% within the U.S.

Machine learning algorithms enable automatic tagging and prioritizing actions to achieve set goals quickly. With AI, enterprise solutions and productivity apps get “smart” while optimizing the way you collaborate with your colleagues.

AI-enabled enterprise solutions can “know” what you’re working on and what your planned result is.

So what are the possible ways of using artificial intelligence to increase corporate productivity? This technology can be deployed in either web, mobile, on-premise, or even chatbots.

Using chatbots powered by learning algorithms, you can automate a number of tasks related to scheduling meetings, communication with both customers and team members, and attaching necessary files within the context to ensure an efficient collaboration with your contacts and, as a result, make more effective business decisions.

The benefits of chatbots powered by AI become even more obvious since most enterprises use and process a significant amount of data.

Chatbot use cases

In far 2011, Gartner predicted that 85% of customer engagement wouldn’t have any human intervention.

With the growing popularity of messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack, businesses across various industries use the benefits of chatbots.

Booking  tickets

When booking flight tickets, users typically face the problem of having their flight information spread across multiple resources. Air company’s database contains purchase data, confirmation data stays in the user’s inbox, a boarding pass is stored on smartphone’s memory card, etc. All this makes managing flight information difficult.

KLM, a full-stack chatbot created by Dutch airline, enables passengers to store all their flight information in one place. Being a Facebook chatbot for business, KLM can quickly respond to user queries regarding their flight.

Chatbot provides smartphone owners with a capability to book flight tickets without the need for downloading and installing a ticket-booking app.

In addition, this chatbot enables users to make changes in their trip. If they need to change their seats or upgrade them to a business class, users can send a corresponding request through the chatbot.

Once the request is processed, KLM sends the updated ticket to the user via Messenger. Thus, what used to require several minutes – connecting to a customer support representative via phone or email, clearly explaining your needs, and then getting feedback from the flight company – now takes a few seconds.

With the chatbot, both the airline company and its passengers save time and money while providing/having improved flying experience.

Ordering food

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The organization of a romantic dinner can take a couple of evenings. Choosing the right cuisine, finding nearby restaurants, and booking a table at a restaurant often involves an annoying web search and communication via phone or email.

This is where the benefits of chatbots can become helpful. With the chatbot created by Allset, users can order food in 180 restaurants and pay for it without the need to leave the Messenger.

In addition, the Allset’s chatbot can help users find nearby restaurants with a particular cuisine and book a table (for a max party of six) at a restaurant.

Reading news

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Facebook has brought benefits of chatbots for business on Messenger allowing readers to communicate with CNN to get news and interviews. Users now can chat with organizations and publishers in the same way they do with their friends.

CNN uses a chatbot for Facebook Messenger to interact with its readers in a natural way. Subscribers can receive daily news notifications without the need for leaving the messaging app.

CNN’s chatbot recommends personalized content based on user’s interests and preferences. The chatbot provides each user with a personalized experience which helps them boost both customer engagement and retention.

This solution enables users to enter topic titles, such as “Tech” or “Travel”, and get generated links to relevant news on the topic.

Paying the bills

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Paying bills can be a time-consuming and complicated task, especially taking into account the need for managing multiple bank accounts.

A US-based company created BillHero, a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, that enables users to pay their bills. Since the chatbot is bank-agnostic, a user can pay any of their bills through any account, debit or credit card.

Furthermore, the chatbot ensures high-level security due to its subscription to bank-grade measures.

BillHero memorizes certain types of information like the last four digits of the user’s credit card to eliminate the need for entering it every time a user is going to pay the required bills.

To ensure a secure authentication in the Messenger chat, the chatbot sends a one-time password to a user’s mobile device for each new session.

Printing documents

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Even for experienced personal computer users, printing documents can turn out to be a complicated task. It’s hard to find a person who has never faced a problem of absent or incorrect printer drivers.

A hardware vendor HP created a Messenger-based chatbot that has a single function: it enables users to print both photos and documents without the need for leaving the chat.

In the case where there are some issues with printer drivers, HP Print Bot will guide a user to set up a printing device.

The chatbot requires having an ePrint printer and knowing it’s ePrint address. Users have to set this address for only one time and then can remotely print any files.

Sending emails and making appointments

To schedule a meeting with different departments, competent employees often have to send many emails and manually manage the schedules of each invited team member in Google Calendar.

That’s why Julie Desk, an AI-powered chatbot, that can organize meetings within companies. This tool can both create and cancel events as well as send invitations to involved employees.

With its learning algorithms, Julie Desk becomes smarter over time and understands better user’s scheduling preferences.

In addition, with its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, the chatbot can process and generate emails with easily understandable text.

To use this chatbot, you should send an email to julie@juliedesk.com. Once the virtual assistant connects to the thread, you can depute event scheduling, meeting invitations, and choosing a location to Julie Desk.

As a doctor

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Even though therapists cannot always keep in touch with their patients on a 24/7 basis, patients often disturb them with simple questions, to which they can easily find the answers themselves.

However, web search results aren’t personalized so patients shouldn’t rely on every recommendation they find on the Internet. That’s why there’s a medical chatbot called Florence designed to be a personal health assistant.

The chatbot can keep an eye on a patient’s overall health and remind them to take their medication.

In addition, the chatbot can provide users with helpful information about various diseases. This information can include symptoms and the main factors that can cause a specific illness.

To set reminders about the need for taking pills, the chatbot will ask a set of related questions and remind about the medication time on Facebook Messenger.

To make Florence monitor the overall health, users should enter necessary details like heart rate, weight, and blood sugar.

Users also can set some health goals like achieving a certain weight value. The chatbot will regularly create charts showing the user’s progress on the way to their goal.

As a finance advisor

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Many companies have a repeat billing policy that can become a real nightmare for customers. Once subscribed to a particular service, they may not even realize that they have been charged on a regular basis since they decided to try the service for the first time.

This is precisely why Trim chatbot exists. This is an AI-powered financial chatbot. Its main functionality lays in the task of canceling recurring subscriptions users no longer need or may be unaware of.

The chatbot allows users to monitor their current subscriptions and cancel any of them at any time.

To take advantage of this tool, users should sign up for it through Facebook or email and then connect their accounts. Once configured, Trim explores user history of subscriptions to tell users where they can save their money.

As an accountant

Tax accounting is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge in this domain. One tiny mistake can lead to fines or waste of precious time along with the need to redo the tax filing process.

This is where the benefits of chatbots for business can become helpful. AskMyUncleSam is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer financial inquiries from tax filers. This virtual financial assistant can significantly speed up the filing process when users approach tax accountants.

The chatbot can integrate with Slack and Facebook Messenger and provide users with valuable information about tax optimization capabilities available in their case.

Through a chat, users can ask the chatbot different financial questions like actions they should take to reduce their tax bill.

As a shopping assistant

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Ecommerce companies hire customer support representatives when they start getting lots of inquiries. However, with one chatbot online stores can process numerous queries at the same time without the need to hire employees.

H&M’s Kik chatbot provides users with a personal stylist service. The virtual assistant offers users to choose their preferred style of cloth to understand what to recommend next.

Once a user’s preferences are saved, H&M’s chatbot provides a user with different variants of outfits to consider purchasing. Chatbot allows the retailer to offer personalized content as well as increase both conversion rate and an average paycheck.

Final Thoughts

Each company’ department, whether it’s marketing, Human Resources (HR) or customer support, should explore innovative ways of improving the efficiency of their interaction with clients and between team members as well as increasing the speed of retrieving necessary data.

AI-enabled chatbots have proved to be effective tools that can significantly boost corporate productivity by automating the accomplishment of repetitive tasks and helping companies to process thousands of inquiries at once.

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